Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Care of Our Children's Souls

The Care of Our Children’s Souls

I am a homeschool mom to four children between the ages of four and nine. However, this is not a post discussing how you should or should not educate your children. It doesn’t matter whether you choose homeschooling or public school or private education. We all love our children. We are all striving to do what we think is best for them.
No matter how we educate, the choices we make as parents are the same. We must choose what will be a priority in the life of our child. We must choose where we put our time and money and effort.
As a former high school English teacher and now a teacher of four little ones, I often get into discussions about education with other parents. As we talk, we usually find ourselves pondering one question: What is the most important part of education?
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