Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Urgent prayers requested

See #20 right in front of me in that picture above? That's Ashley Mayes. Ashley played basketball and volleyball for me when I coached at Franklin-Simpson High School back from 1999-2003. You shouldn't have favorites, but Ashley and I were close. We had a fantastic relationship.

Ashley fell in love with a young man in my English class, Cody Baker. He joined the military and they got married and moved to Missouri. 

Twelve years ago, Cody was diagnosed with a brain tumor. However, he has lived with this without it growing or getting worse for a long time.

However, that has all changed recently. The tumor was growing, they did chemotherapy, and it is still growing. Yesterday they were given horrid news -- Cody has an estimated three months to live. 

Cody (34) and Ashley (33) have three children: Olin (12) and twins Isabella and Maverick (8).

This couple has an incredible relationship and faith. Here is Ashley's Facebook post from this morning: 

FAITH isn't a feeling. It's a choice to trust God even when the road seems uncertain. So I choose Faith over anxiety, hope over worry and love over fear!!! I have given everything over to God. We are done talking numbers and talking about what may happen. We are standing strong on our Faith praising God for all his blessings. We are going to live our life's to the fullest only in positive. Cody and I prayed and talked last night as we laid in bed. Just let me tell you the peace that washed over us was so amazing we both where smiling and laughing and slept amazing. So for the Baker family we choose Faith because it's the best medicine. So keep praying and choose FAITH with us!!!!

I am asking you to share this post with everyone asking for two things: 

1. Prayer for a miraculous healing for Cody!
2. Consider a monetary donation so that this family can take a beach vacation together. You can PayPal any donations to:

Or you can mail them a check directly at:

202 S Jackson Street
Republic, Missouri 65738

Blessings everyone, 


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