Saturday, March 17, 2018

We Bought a Farm: A Great Day

Today was a great day on the farm. Okay, so I am sick. Not feeling well at all. In fact we had to cancel going to Bible Study and an Easter party with our homeschool co-op group. In addition, JB was sleeping from working last night.

But despite that, a surprisingly beautiful day (it was supposed to rain a lot of the day), a visit from our friend Anni, and Grampa and Grama here on the farm with us meant TONS of time for us all to be outside (even me who wasn't feeling great).

Here's some videos that Annie (and Sidge) took of some planting they did in the front yard while I was resting inside. While I am not feeling good at all, it comes in waves and I was able to get outside quite a bit as well.

I love days like this. The kids were outside so much. While Isaac and I played a game inside, the three youngest took a hike to our tallest hill, returned Hannah to the house, and then Sidge and Abigail went out for some "adventure" time with their binoculars and book of animals tracks and water and snacks.

We finished the evening watching a lighting storm in the foothills of which we live.

There are moments when I wonder what we are doing here. Is this really what we wanted? It feels so hard sometimes. But then days like today I am absolutely convinced that this is where my children are meant to grow up. This is where we are meant to be. While you can't remove yourself from society, I do think that submerging yourself in nature and stepping a foot outside of the hustle and bustle is a good thing. I think this is absolutely a fantastic adventure that we will never regret taking.

P.S. (No idea why Hannah is wearing black ear warmers. That's just Hannah for you.)

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