Thursday, August 10, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Me and the 4-Wheeler

I am proud of myself. I've been driving the 4-wheeler again. I'm being extra-cautious and have set strict rules for myself. I only drive it on paths JB has set, and if a child rides with me, it is only on the back road between Grampa and Grama's house and my own. I am fully aware of the power of this machine now, and I am not getting overly confident. I am going slow. Thinking. And using it as a tool. 

And what a tool it is. I love getting exercise and walking everywhere on the farm, but animal chores have to be done three times a day. The morning run can take about two hours without the 4-wheeler. With it, I can easily do it in 1 hour. Afternoon takes an hour, and I can do it in about 30 minutes. It is truly amazing! And to be honest, if I do chores all day, I am still plum-tuckered-out even using the 4-wheeler. I am getting so much stronger and my body is definitely taking a beating.

We don't have a second WWOOFer right now so Jacob and I are splitting up the animals. I try to take chores when I have another adult here with me -- like my Mom who is here right now!

But seriously. Body. Taking a beating. For example, check out my hands:

Folks that is not dirt that I can wash off. It is stained on my hands. Don't worry, I have since started wearing gloves, but I really don't like gloves. I do so much with feed and water that I like being able to feel things. But never-mind that desire. I'm wearing gloves now. 

And then this picture below. I went out into the pasture to help JB move the sheep and had to run into the house to change for a meeting before I could shower. The one thing I cannot be on the farm is hot. As long as I am not overdressed, I am fine -- which means I only wear shorts in the summer. Scratches are courtesy of blackberry bushes and mud courtesy of who-knows-what:

Okay, I never take "selfies" but I decided to snap this photo of me before my meeting, pretending that I am clean when in fact my legs are incredibly muddy and scratched up -- :)

And below is just a fun photo of me after a shower the next morning, chilling with my hubby and my girls:

 JB actually said to me last night, "Wendi, I think you are no longer a farmer's wife. I think you are a farmer."


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