Saturday, August 05, 2017

The end of an era

We purchased two of these car seats -- identical -- for our two boys born so close in age. Here's a post that shows Isaac when he first moved into his big boy seat. In time, our little girls would occupy these blue seats.

And now, Hannah is moving out of it which means they are being retired -- probably more past their time then I care to admit. Nine years these seats were in our family. And now they await garbage dump. We have not yet thrown away the second one as it is in John's truck and is easy for Hannah to still use. But we will probably get rid of it soon.

Man .... time sure does fly.

But while time does fly, and I don't want my children to grow up, I would like them to stop BREAKING things. Yesterday, Abigail and her cousin broke a shower rod because they thought they could do gymnastics from it. And Sidge broke an outside slide we have had since the Azores by thinking he could stand on it. 

And Hannah? Well yesterday alone she managed to pull the tongue out of a stuffed animal's mouth and pull the head off a superhero. 


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Cara Trantham said...

I love it. So much comic relief after the day I had!