Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Bottom Line

Here's the bottom line: our house has been massively affected by this flooding.

All floors in school room, living room and kitchen must be taken out. The only places downstairs unaffected are the half bathroom, laundry room, and our bedroom and bathroom combo. Kitchen cabinets must be taken out as well.

The upstairs bathroom has been completely affected. The boys carpet has also been ruined. The girls room was also already gutted which leaves no functioning spaces upstairs. 

We actually didn't lose any furniture except for one matress. The water missed nearly everything furniture and "stuff" wise.

So it only makes sense to completely rennovate our house. It could actually not end up costing us much. Because for example, we have hardword floors. If we use engineered floors instead then we save that money.

The hardest part will be managing to live during this time. The good news is that we have the camper (which had everything except water and sewer) and we have a door to our bedroom from the outside. We also have our in-laws house on property (although it is being renovated right now too).

Our intern Jacob is due to leave October 1. We will offer him an early departure if he doesn't want to deal with this. We have one Dutch weoofer returning to us next week and I have emailed him as well. 

How do I homeschool?

I have no idea.

This is, honestly, going to be a good thing. We had so many parts of this house that didn't work for us. This is also probably the best time of the year to do this (getting cooler. But
Not too cool.)

We also don't have many guests scheduled. We also have family trips planned away from the farm. 

But it is still overwhelming.

Onto a new adventure!!!!!

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islandgal said...

As my old friend Gloria used to say: "God don't make no mistakes."