Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The perfect time to be away

It was the Lord's timing. A few weeks ago I had planned to take the kids to my childhood friend Michelle's house about five hours from me. JB is working a ton right now due to their hospital being one doctor down, and Michelle is just good for my soul. In addition, her kids and my kids love each other. I cannot tell you how neat it is to watch my kids playing with Michelle and Hershal's kids.

My house is ransacked right now and there are loud fans everywhere as you can see in this Reno video below:

I'm so glad to be here instead!  

On Monday, their family drove three hours to see a total eclipse. I was supposed to go with them but I opted to stay at their house and recover from a hard week. We watched the partial eclipse on their soft grass:

I'll be sharing more pics but for now, I'm so enjoying time with one of my best friends and her hubby and three awesome kids:

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