Friday, August 04, 2017

Friday Funnies

Hannah: (Pointing to her nipples) "Remember when I used to call these penises?"
Me: "I don't remember that."
Hannah: "Well I did."
Me: "Well they aren't penises. They are called nipples."
Hannah: "No they aren't."
Me: "Okay, well, Hannah, who do you think knows more. Me or you?"
Hannah: "Daddy."


Hannah: "Baby Jesus came back alive."
Me: "Yep."
Hannah: "When did he?"
Me: "A long time ago."
Hannah: "Yesterday."
Me: "No. Thousands of years ago."
Hannah: "When Baylee and I were singing about baby Jesus?"


Hannah: "There is a bug in this jar."
Me: "Yes. It's a lightning bug."
Hannah: "Does it make lightning?"


Me: "Hannah you are the greatest kid in the whole wide world."
Hannah: "I'm not the greatest. I can't even climb trees with branches."

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Leeann Peterson said...

Oh that Hannah!!! ❤❤❤❤