Sunday, August 20, 2017

These will be short little bursts

These will be short posts as thy are written using the new Blogger app I bought for my phone. The pictures above include:

1. All four of the kids sleeping in one room (our room) last night. It is hard to see but that is for kids on our floor. Thank goodness as of right now the kitchen and our bedroom and bathroom are not affected by all of this. Every other room in the house is completely unusable.

 In good news, the kids and I had a little trip planned to my friend Michelle's house this week while JB was working a lot. It is actually perfect timing. I am also blessed we have our camper right now. 

Oh did I mention John's sister Elizabeth and her twin boys came into town te day after the flood for two weeks? The good news is they are staying at dad and mom's place. 

Also they clean-up crew had warned us that they may need to pull up the tile in the kitchen due to water ....

2. In the midst of the chaos yesterday I decided to make brownies and let Hannah lick the spoon. The kitchen was the one room thst wasn't affected so I cleaned it a lot.

3. We decided to move furniture out of the big house in an orderly fashion instead of just pushing it to the side in our house. We wanted to make things as easy as possible if this ends up being a "long haul" project. We set up the bookshelves in the garage.

In addition to the downstairs renovations, the upstairs has also been completely torn up. It is a disaster.

John and I have talked often of doing some extensive renovations to this house. We bought a farm that came with a nice house. But it had a lot of quirks and things we didn't like.

About theee months ago we decided to let the renovation dreams go. It would cost a ton of money and we just wanted to focus on enjoying our lives and the farm. We decided to tackle some small projects (like the demo we did in the girls' room.) 

Now we feel as if our hand had been forced so to speak. If we are halfway there, let's just do the demo work we had in our dreams.

We are discussing .......

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