Friday, August 11, 2017

Isaac piano update

Lately, piano has been a bit of a struggle around these parts. The reason is that Isaac's teacher has tightened the reigns. She felt he was moving too fast and needed to slow down and work on his technique. He's getting to where he can play so many things, but he needs to work on his tempo and dynamics and things of that nature.

I've been working on the song you'll see in this video for almost a week. I am terrible at it. I thought about recording it but honestly it would be pointless. I'll just let you take my word for it. You can't even tell what song it is. I don't feel that I am horrible at piano. But every time I start a new song I wonder if I should quit.

I called Isaac into the room and asked him if he would try this song. I thought he had never played it but he told me not to tell his teacher that he has gone into my book and snuck it a few times. (She doesn't want him jumping ahead at all.) He told me I could only post this video if I didn't share it with his teacher because she wouldn't like that he had jumped ahead!

So he sat down and did ... this. Seriously. After just playing it a handful of times. He still has some mistakes but my mom-heart seriously welled up with pride as I heard him knock it out of the park.  (Especially compared to me.)

I write often of Isaac's piano and Abigail's ballet ... but each of my children will have their own talents. Sidge's talent, truly, is in his brain. He loves animals and can just out-think even a grown-up in a room. He wants to be a farmer and a vet -- and I think he will!

And Hannah ... I have no idea. That child leaves me wanting to absolutely pull my hair out but yet her personality leaves me just shaking my head with love!

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That was beautiful!