Monday, August 07, 2017

We Bought a Farm: 1 little, 2 little, 9 little Farmers

My cousin, Eddie and his family, live about 90 minutes from us. While we didn't know each other very well before we moved to the farm, we have really started to get to know them, and it truly appears, that we will be staying really connected to their family. They love the farm, and we are hopeful they can help us with some farm-sitting and other needs. 

Eddie and Hannah have FIVE children which seems like SO many -- and in truth it is just one more than we have. But 5 + 4 = 9 which makes for some hoppin' times here on the farm. Their house with being renovated this summer so they needed to be out of it for almost six weeks. They therefore asked if they could stay at the farm for a little under a week. 

Eddie (and his older kiddos) did ALL the animal chores while they were here, and Hannah handled ALL the meals. Honestly, it was easier with them here for me! It was just an absolutely blessed week.

Here is a picture of the group of nine children last summer:

And here is the same picture this summer:

Gabe (11), Sidge (8), Kari (8), Abigail (6), Anna (10), Isaac (9), Hannah (3), Genevieve (3), Owen (5)

Here are some photos that Hannah took while she is here. She's a great photographer:

Check it out. We are moving the ewes, and Arabelle, who has become an incredible farm dog, is simply waiting for me to be done. She will do this even in POURING rain.

The three littles playing in our yard's clubhouse one morning -- still in pajamas.

Guests often stay in our camper which even works for a family of seven!

These three gals played a lot together. While Abigail is a bit younger, she really likes playing with older girls -- and these two are just the sweetest. I cannot TELL you how mice their kids are!

Checking out the guinea fowl.

Just a few of our thirteen baby ducks.

Gave after collecting duck eggs. Gabe is an amazing young man, and honestly, he is MADE to be a farmer!

A shot of our juvenile ducks in their new mobile tractor. These are the four ducks we incubated and as of right now, the herd is NOT accepting them so we are having to keep them separate. What a pain!

Side and Gabe feeding the ducks.

We did the slip and slide nearly every day!


This $50 sheet of plastic has proved a fantastic investment for our hills!

Everyone was loving it!

Eddie on the 4-wheeler -- man this machine cuts down on chore time big time on the farm.

Our intern Jacob got in on making a magnate tower with the kids. Check out that height!

Magnates are always a hit. But I've been especially impressed with the things Hannah has been coming up with. She is really getting good at building and is just SO creative.

Eddie was "working from home" this week as he does Greek and Latin textbooks. He often occupied the yellow room in our garage during breaks to work. Here he is reading a book to two of the kiddos at bedtime. (We currently have a "door to nowhere" while we wait to get a deck put on.)

I love people getting different perspectives on a land I know so well.

Check out our garden (front right)

Genevieve and Eoin (pronounced "Owen") who are just about 18 months apart.

We have all kinds of flowers blooming.

Sweet girl!

Picture perfect.

We did a scavenger hunt all around the farm. I had all kinds of things on there. We did girls vs. boys and Hannah took the youngest on her team. This is her "selfie" for the contest.

Love this.

Anna riding a bike.

Eoin getting eggs.

Checkin' on the ewes.

Garden goodies

Per a recommendation from a friend's son, I purchased KanJam for the farm. Oh what a fun game it is! I am always looking for fun outside activities that don't require you to be athletic to play!

The cheerleaders during KanJam. These three got along remarkably well for all being such little folks.


Ritter trying to catch the KanJam.

Abigail is still learning but is getting better and better.

Dog pile of nine kids!

I'm not sure I can say it any other way: I LOVE this family. I LOVE Hannah too and really see us becoming good friends. I am excited about living so close to this family and the opportunity to stay connected.

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Cara Trantham said...

This is so, so sweet Wendi. Makes me so happy for your family to have had this time... and you to have a vacation from work and cooking... what a blessing they are!!