Monday, December 19, 2011

Turkish (Old) McDonalds

Fast food in Turkey is basically non-existent. I say basically because there is ... McDonalds. It tastes very similar to McDonalds in the USA. Although there are a few more Turkish-like sandwiches. And of course they serve Ayran. But it is a lot "classier" than a fast food restaurant in the States. It costs considerably more than regular Turkish food as well. A McDonalds in the State is considered a "cheap date." A McDonalds in Turkey is considered an "expensive date." You often see people very dressed up and enjoying their night on the town at the Turkish McDonalds. Joni took a few pictures of the Turkish McDonalds. It's funny to me that I don't even see these signs as being written in another language anymore.

Here is a video from our first trip to the Turkish McDondals. Back in November of last year.

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