Thursday, December 08, 2011


While I have never (and will never), technically, be a troop deployed overseas, I believe I am nearly qualified to say that I understand how important morale is to those stationed far away from loved ones. I wrote about this previously when Tops in Blue came to visit, so I won't go into it too much again ... but there is just something incredibly encouraging about a "superstar" taking the time to visit us at an isolated Air Force Base in Turkey -- even if I don't go to see them.

The commericals on TV here (we don't get real commercials -- just Air Force commercials) where famous people say thank you. They mean a lot. They really do. We are across the word and isolated on a Base in the Middle East.

We need that! We really do!

Daughtry came to the Base on Tuesday evening. I opted to stay home with Joni and the kids as Veronica had agreed to babysit for another family weeks earlier (none of us aware that it was going to be the Daughtry night.) But JB went with our friend Dan (Angelica's husband.) Comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias opened for Daughtry. JB said he was really good as well.

JB and I watched Daughtry on American Idol a few years back and are really liked him. Even if you aren't a fan, you have probably heard the song I'm going home. Here's a few photos from the evening:

Here's a link to Daughtry talking about his concert tour overseas. 

How cool is this? And the concert was 100% free!
My JB.

Angelica's Dan.

I snagged this picture from my friend Christina's FB page. She went with both her kiddos. Now THAT is a rock star. (Especially because the concert started at 7pm!)

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TAV said...

I LOVE the song "Life After You" by Daughtry!