Saturday, December 03, 2011


I started thinking. I have had three babies in three years. I've used a lot of baby products. I started thinking about the items that I would not live without. The things that if I could only pick a limited amount of items, would top my list. Please take a moment, after reading my list, to share the product that you loved bestest. (Share a link too if you have one available.)

Here are my cannot-live-without-items:

It doesn't matter what kind. it just matters that it works. We put a blanket on first and then a swaddle over it, but these things are not something you can live without. Here's a video I did showing the extent of our swaddling with the very not-content newborn Elijah: Swaddling 101 . With Abigail and Isaac we only use/d two layers.

I didn't have one of these for Isaac or Elijah. Isaac didn't use a pacifier. Elijah did. And we lost them. Constantly. However, my mother bought me this adorable bunny that holds a pacifier with velcro. It's brilliant. Instead of trying to find a pacifier, you have an entire bunny! It's great. And you can even use the bunny to help the pacifier stay in place. (We tuck the hand into the swaddle.) The only bad thing? Our dog is obsessed with this thing. Thank goodness he has only eaten the pacifiers out of the bunny's hand and hasn't eaten the bunny (yet.)
This is the swign we have (below.) I like it because it can swing vertically and horizontally. However, I don't think it matters what kidn of swing you have. You just need to have one. Forget a chair, a mat, anything else. The swing is AWESOME. All three of my kids have LOVED this swing. It is worth every penny paid for it. (Okay, so I didn't buy it. But still.)

These things are great for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. But they have many other uses too. You can turn them up (like a "u") and let the baby sit in them. You can let them lay on them. You can put them around them when they start sitting up. They just have so many uses. I love them. Great invention.

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TAV said...

Great post! I have to keep these in mind if/when we have kids!