Monday, December 12, 2011

Ho Ho Ho -- Torticiollis

Yesterday was a big day. 

Firstly, the occupational therapist on Base came to the house. She said that Abigail does indeed have some torticollis just like big brother Elijah. JB and I are pretty convinced this is genetic and not environmental as Isaac showed absolutely no signs of this at all. 

Either way, she is going to need physical therapy for this. Once a week at least. In addition, the therapist said that I need to do two hours of tummy time with her every day. And this isn't just me putting her on her tummy. As soon as I do that, she rolls onto her back. I need to get on the floor with her and guide her through two hours of tummy time, basically holding her in a position on her stomach. 

Do I have any idea how I will be able to do that for two hours a day with two other kiddos and a dog and Veronica leaving? No I do not. But I'll try.

In other news, yesterday we went and saw Santa at the Community Center. Abigail was the perfect age to willingly sit on his lap and just tug on his beard. Isaac actually got close enough to give him a high five. Elijah kept his distance and when Santa asked him for a high five he replied, "No fanks." Elijah instead just wanted to do crafts at the different project stations. 

One funny thing. At the cookie decorating station, he got very upset when we started to decorate his cookie. "I just want to eat it!" he kept saying.

Here are some photos of our morning. Since I had all three kids solo (Veronica was under the weather) the pictures are a bit scant. But you get the idea.

I looked back and found this post of Isaac with Santa. I realized that Elijah has never sat on Santa's lap. Because he was born in January, by the time the first December got here, he was too old to not have stranger anxiety. So he's never had a chance. Maybe next year?

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Amy T. S. said...

Oh, torti girl, you're so cute.

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