Friday, December 30, 2011

Kids say it best

As eleven o'clock a.m. drew near and Patty's arrival at our house to pick up Veronica and take her to the airport, came closer, both V and I were starting to cry harder and harder. (Veronica made the decision to ride with Patty instead of us because she thought it would be too difficult to say good bye to the kiddos at the airport.) At one point, both boys came up to me in the hallway and gave me hugs.

"Why are you said?" Isaac asked.

"Because Veronica is leaving," I replied.

"But she is going to go and see her Daddy and Mommy," Isaac said.

Good point. Nice of me to only think about myself and not Veronica's parents. Thanks for that insight Isaac.

"Yeah," Elijah agreed. "And she is going to visit us in the Azores."

And if that wasn't enough encouragement, Isaac continued by coming up with, "And we are going to make her room into a playroom!"

We are? I don't remember agreeing to that.

Either way, kids are something amazing. They can look at the side that should be looked at. They skip over the meaningless stuff and look at the truth.

Veronica is going to see her parents. I should be happy for her. And happy for them.

Veronica is going to visit us in the Azores. That will be so much fun. Lots of catching up.

And yes, we can use her room for something cool too.

So there you go.

From the mouth of babes.

P.S. But I've spent the whole day crying, still.

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Faith said...

Awwww. Such sweet boys! Saying goodbye (or even see you later) IS hard, though. And especially when you have 3 little ones and have come to rely on that person to help you love and nurture them. That is no small thing! Let yourself grieve, too!