Monday, December 05, 2011

Market Mania

What a better place to spend a Sunday than at the market! I just had to take Joni to the market. Since I hoped to do some clothing shopping, I left all the kiddos at home with JB (and Shane who came to help him) and Veronica. I sent an email out and was blessed with four friends (and Joni) interested in joining me. This is how things work here. Since we don't leave Base by ourselves, and many people don't drive off Base, when you are going, you always see if anyone wants to join you.

Here I am with a sweater I was trying on (and ended up buying.) I really needed some warmer clothes and the Turkish markets have a lot of longer sweaters and tops that really work well for my tall frame!

Joni taking a picture of all the lovely ladies who joined me for our outing. From left: Angelica, Casey, Linda, me, and Christina.

I love the Turkish guy in the background of this one. So funny.

What would a trip to Turkey be without a stop at the market? Of course, our height difference means Joni must stand on her toes and I must stick my rear out. But you get the idea. (That's garlic behind us.)

Oranges are just coming into season. They sell these for about .75 kurus (roughly 40 cents or so in USD.)

Look at them there cabbages. (And these are actually small compared to others we have seen.)

Joni posing with a cabbage. The guy thought she was going to buy this. So for 2 lira, (about $1.10 in USD), I just bought it.

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