Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adoption: In His Own Words

I showed this video on the Facebook page for Because of Isaac a few weeks ago and received many wonderful comments. One of my favorites was from a reader of my blog. I wanted to share both the video and the comment, below.

"I'm a fan of your blog, and I just watched the video you posted on Because of Isaac's facebook page. SO adorable, and may I just say what a blessing it is to see the fruits of what care you've taken to explain his arrival in your family. My daughter came to us by adoption, and we're all homestudied and ready for adoption #2 whenever God weaves that story into our lives. My daughter is two and a half now and we're little by little introducing pieces of her adoption story to her. She watched your video with me, then requested it again, and again, and AGAIN, and then proceeded to try and share her Rice Chex with your kids through the computer screen.

Anyway, I feel like her seeing adoption explained from a fellow adoptee not too far from her age is an amazing blessing in helping her understand her own story, so thank you very much! Thanks for your dedication to adoption advocacy, and for so openly sharing your journey."

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do!

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