Wednesday, December 07, 2011

First bites of cereal

Abigail got in to see Dr. Linda this week. We were a bit late for her four month old appointment. But we made it just the same. She is currently 15.6 pounds (80th percentile). She is 25.7 inches (86th percentile). Her head is 95th percentile. Just like her big brother Elijah.

We will be getting a home visit from an occupational therapist on Base next week. Her head is a little misshapen in the back. We don't think it is a big deal but want to be proactive about it. Especially after Elijah had torticollis and had such difficulties during his first year of life. So we'll see what the therapist has to say about it next week.

In addition, Isaac went to the doctor appointment with Abigail. He's been looking mighty skinny lately, and we wanted to get a weight check. Sure enough, he's a skinny boy. Nothing too extreme, but enough that Dr. Linda suggests adding some calories to his diet. Butter his bread. Drink Pediasure. And eat ice cream. Too bad ice cream is only Isaac's VERY favorite thing to eat. (We just have to figure out a way to give him extra calories while not giving Elijah extra. He doesn't need them. :)

Oh, and our little Abigail did her cereal eating thing for the first time. Here is a link to big brother Elijah's first attempt. Wow, I really watered down Elijah's a lot more than Abigail's. And here is a link to big brother Isaac's first meal. Man, who would have thought he'd turn into such a skinny boy after seeing him as such a Chubba Chubba in that video.

And here's a link to Abigail's four month celebration post.

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katiehaggan said...

One idea for giving one brother the extra and not the other--chocolate protein powder mixed in chocolate milk for one and plain chocolate milk for the other. We had to do this for our boys and they were none the wiser.