Tuesday, August 02, 2011

2 Week Appointment

Abigail had her two week check-up with the pediatric department here on Ramstein yesterday. She is now 8 pounds which means she has passed her birth weight (a goal for a two week appointment.) This was great news since her big brother did not do well with breast feeding. Here are all here details:

Weight: 8 pounds (39th percentile)

Height: 20.5 (55th percentile)

Head: 36.5 (62nd percentile)

I have to say that I expected Abigail to be bigger -- both at birth and now. But I am not upset that she is not bigger. I had some underlying fears when we found out that we were having a girl that we would have a very, very tall daughter. Don't get me wrong. I think being tall is great. But I also know the emotional issues that go with being a female and being very tall. It's very different from being a tall male. You get made fun of. Clothes don't fit right. Your dating pool is diminished. I am hopeful that Abigail will be comfortably tall. A nice height but not too tall. Only time will tell I guess.

Just very happy to hear that she is eating so well!

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Amy T. S. said...

Andrew was 50% height at 12 mo., 75% at 18 mo., and 90% at 24 mo.!