Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I learned before nap time

1. Getting Pez into the Pez container isn't nearly as easy as the picture on the back of the package illustrates.

2. "Strings" on bananas are a major stressor for toddlers.

3. It is possible to do a puzzle (Elijah), feed a baby (Abigail), and read a book (Isaac) at the same time. Sorry Scrubs.

4. The moment that I have my hands most tied up, is the moment the dog will want to play with me the most.

5. I can walk three kids to the Community Center by myself. Abigail loves the baby Bjorn!

6. We have a new channel here in Turkey. I can't be sure what it is about but it looks like a Turkish religious channel. Since I don't speak (much) Turkish, and I am not Muslim, the channel is pretty useless.

7. Hatice believes that rubbing breast milk on Abigail's blocked tear ducts will heal them. I'm thinking this is a Turkish wive's tale?

8. 2 out of 3 for naps (Abigail being the "out of") down for naps is 66%. That's a D in report card standards but in comparison to 33%, it's pretty good.


Jane said...

Re: breast milk for healing. I'm not sure if it cures blocked tear ducts, but it was the best thing ever for curing sore/cracked nipples, plus little cuts and scrapes (on me and baby). So maybe partly Turkish wives' tale and partly true?

Hooray for finding ways to spend quality time with all three at once!

denise said...

I've heard it can heal a lot of things!

Anonymous said...

Hatice is right on, but it's not the magical breast milk, but rather the massage that works to unclog the tear ducts. I do believe in the power of breast milk, though!

Faith said...

Sounds like you are starting to feel like you are getting the hang out of it! I remember right around when Addison was 8 weeks, I thought "Oh, maybe I can do this..." I hope things are getting better for you. I noticed you mentioned the Baby Bjorn, so I figured I'd share with you something I JUST learned after using that with both Jackson and Addison - I guess it is really bad on their hips and spines. Any of those "cheaper" carriers that you can get at big box stores are not good for babies. Who knew?! I was SO mad! Anyway, if you do any research online about baby carrying or the bjorn, the info is right there. IF you decide you want something different, I would highly recommend the Beco Gemini or Butterfly 2 (I have the Gemini) or lots of people like the Ergo (I have one of those too now). They are both soft buckle carriers like the bjorn, because I really found that is my favorite way to carry my babies, but are better designed for them. Anyway, sorry if you already knew this and it is unsolicited advice. It was just like a news flash to me when I found out, lol! Oh, and the ones I have now are SO much better on my back!

Jennifer said...

A trick with the "strings" on the bananas is to peel the banana from the bottom instead of the top and you won't get the strings. Just something to cause a little less stress for the boys.

Debbie said...

I've actually heard that about breast milk and tear ducts, specifically. So maybe it's worth giving it a try? Our son had blocked tear ducts off and on for the first couple of months. Sometimes one eye would be gunked/sealed shut because of the gunk caking his eyelashes. So gross. You have my sympathies! :)

Jess said...

Breastmilk is supposed to be awesome for healing things. Worked very well for baby acne. It has some sort of atb in it if I recall.

Sounds like you have your hands full, but you seem to be managing well! :D

Emily said...

My kids share your kids' banana-strings aversion! I'll have to try your reader's advice to peel bottom-up! :)

Anonymous said...

I second the Ergo! Love it!

Breastmilk can also help with ear infections too - I'm pretty sure it has antimicrobial properties.