Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pregnancy Loss Video

I recently received a link to a video from Tyrone Howard. I don't know Tyrone personally. He found me through my blog, and he sent me a copy of a short film he had done that he wanted my opinion on. He also hoped I would share it with my blog readers if I found it appropriate. "Unforeseen" was actyally designed to illustrate a life of second chances. However, Tyrone found that it was gathering good support amongst individuals who lost a child before he/she was born.

After watching the video, I can see why. While I have never experienced pregnancy loss, I do believe my history with infertility allows me to be a fair judge of the appropriateness of this video. I am asking my readers, especially those with a similar history to mine, to watch this video and help provide Tyrone with some feedback. Butbe forewarned that if you have faced pregnancy loss or even infertility, it may make you quite emotional. It is incredibly well done (in my opinion) and I believe very accurately portrays this difficult part of life. Please leave a comment that I can share with Tyrone -- either positive or negative. Here is the link to the video. We need more individuals opening up dialogue on this part of life, and I think Tyrone's video is worth your time.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I am pretty much speechless. That was beautiful, the argument in the kitchen sounded word for word like an argument my husband and I had after one of our 2 pregnancy losses. Even today after 4 beautiful kids that conversation took me right back. There are definitely no guaranteed things in life, only love and hope and belief.

women infertility said...

Pregnancy loss is devastating, no matter when it happens or what the circumstances. Your hopes and dreams for the future are dashed, and you may feel as if you'll never be quite the same again. With time, however, comes healing. Give yourself the time you need to mourn your pregnancy loss and accept what's happened — and then look toward the future.