Friday, April 29, 2011

Stroller Recommendation

Courtney asked for a double stroller recommendation on the post I wrote the other day. I am referring back to a previous post I did on my BOB stroller. Here is the link to the page on REI.

Let me say a few things about my recommendation:
  • If you want to jog AT ALL do NOT buy a cheap jogger. This was my one splurge when we found out we were going to have two babies. I had seven baby showers when Isaac was born and really didn't need to buy anything. This was the only major purchase we made, and it was worth every penny. (I did have quite a few REI gift certificates that went toward this so in the end, we ended up paying about 50% for this stroller.)
  • The other great thing is that you can buy an $80 attachment (which we did), which allows you to put the infant seat in it. This is important because you are not supposed to jog with babies under six months old, but you can if they are in their car seat! If you want to jog quickly, this is the stroller for you.
  • The stroller is designed to fit through all standard doorways in the USA. Turkey is a different story, but in the US, we never hit a doorway that we couldn't fit it through.
  • We also got a GRACO double stroller, and quite honestly, as the boys got bigger, I just couldn't manage it anymore. It was way too heavy with two 25-pounders on board. This thing truly doesn't feel like you are pushing anything at all unless you are going straight up hill. I cannot even compare the difference in pushing this jogger over a regular stroller.
  • The downsides to this stroller are two: (1) not the easiest to pack up and take places with you (2) storage is limited -- it's hard to access the under-stroller basket.
  • Stroller is expensive, and truthfully, I don't see them on second-hand sites very often (probably because they are so stinkin' awesome.
  • I did receive a "recall announcement" on this particular stroller in the mail just two days ago informing me that it had a drawstring that I should remove.
I do not have a good recommendation for a double stroller that is non-jogging. However, Faith put a comment on my blog for one. Does anyone else out there have a good non-jogger recommendation. Faith recommended:
  • It's the Bumbleride indie Twin and it is SOOOO nice. Esp with a newborn because it has a car seat adaptor that comes standard, so we didn't have to worry about that. It as lots of nice perks. It is a side by side, so of course it may not work for you with the small doorways in Turkey, but there are VERY few doorways here that this stroller can't get through...
Hope this helps Courtney!


Momma, PhD said...

Thanks Wendi!

Kiley said...

I really enjoy my Kolcraft Contours Double Stroller. Its a big heavy for some and that is the reason many do no like it. However, I am in love with the fact that it gives me many options as far as sitting arrangements go. The seats move according to what you like. For instance, both kiddos can face me, face out. One can face me, on can face out or both can face each other. I have used it for the last 4 kiddos and I LOVE IT. I have used many double strollers in my day, and this is by far my favorite. Its sturdy, heavy duty, can easily push with one hand. I don't mind the weight of it as it usually in my car and its only taking it out and putting it back in. I would recommend this for anyone who wants something for everyday use.

Anonymous said...

I have single baby jogger city mini and I wish when I had our second we bought the double city mini right away! I didnt know my toddler would wanna ride the stroller still so much. I can swear by single city mini that its is the perfect stroller except 2 things: the storage area is small and not good for babies until about 6 months but you can attaced the car seat if you buy the attachment.. I know of people loved the double city mini as well it might be worth checking amazon reviews for it..

Anonymous said...

btw city mini is not a jogging stroller.

dana said...

We got the Graco Quattro Tour Double Stroller about 4.5 years ago when our 4th baby was born. We loved the "stadium seating" for a newborn and 2 year old. It fit through every doorway and was fairly easy to open, fold and navigate. The main downside is that bad-boy was HEAVY to get in and out of our minivan and would have been absolutely impossible to put in most car trunks due to its size. It is great for the zoo, amusement parks and shopping, but we went for the baby bjorn and lightweight peg perego aria for air travel.

Anonymous said...

Even if you're not a jogger (which I am not) I would still recommend a jogging stroller if you ever plan to go for walks with it or to the beach or anywhere with any amount of gravel or sand. The bike-type tires go through and over anything unlike the little plastic tires on other types of strollers. We paid around $300 for ours (it was a double stroller). It was not top of the line by any means, but it was perfect! Once the boys outgrew it we sold it on a garage sale for half of what we paid.


Anonymous said...

I do wanna add about the city mini that the wheels are super strong we live in Turkey and the streets are no smooth at all compare to USA and have no problem strolling in the rough roads even.