Friday, April 01, 2011

Becky is here!!!

My friend from Eglin, Becky, is here in Turkey!!! It's wonderful to have her here -- and even more wonderful that it just coincidentally timed with JB's trip out-of-town.

It's a very special friend to leave the USA for the very first time and come all the way to the Middle East. She was going to take the military rotator, but when she found out she didn't qualify (her husband had to fly with her for her to be able to take it), she bought a ticket all the way here. So amazingly cool.

She got it late on Thursday night but has handled the jet lag seemingly very well at this point. Today we even took some time to go to the park by the Mosque in Adana. We have other plans too: Cappadocia and Tarsus are at the top of that list.

I'm sure I'll have more pictures and more updates as the trip goes along. But for now, just enjoying some sweet time with a sweet friend in the months before they adopt their little one from South Korea.

More to come!

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