Friday, April 15, 2011

And now we're at nine ... er ten!

Dan and Angelica trusted us enough to take a night away from their kiddos. They left Noah and Rowan with us and headed out of town for a grown-up weekend. With Bonnie still in attendance, we are now at nine in our house. JB, me, Veronica, the boys, the dogs, and Rowan and Noah. Oh, and if you count baby in utero, ten!

Both families return tomorrow to pick up their kids/dog. We, plan to spend Sunday on a day-trip so this weekend is going to be jam packed. In addition, an old friend from college, Leah, will be joining us next week. She lives in Germany and is going to take a few days to visit Turkey. It has been well over a decade since I saw or even talked to Leah so we have a lot of great catching up to do.

After that, JB and I are heading out of town without the kiddos. Veronica will be numero uno around these parts. As always, I'll keep the trip details on the down-low until the trip concludes, but needless to say we are excited to get a little "grown-up" time prior to our new little gal joining us. This will be the first time we have left our little guys with anyone other than grandparents, but we know they will be in good hands. Veronica is definitely part of our family now and the boys feel very comfortable around her. We also know that it will be good for us to get a little R & R before we add baby girl in just about three months.

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