Monday, April 18, 2011

Antioch Funnies

  • JB never shaves on the weekends. It's his chance, while not in uniform, to take a break. So, in the morning, as we were leaving, Isaac turned to JB and said, "Daddy, why did you put your whiskers on today?" Guess he's used to seeing him well-shaved and in uniform.
  • Isaac, when given a snack he wasn't counting on surprised us all by saying: "What's the big idea?"
  • Elijah, when viewing a headless dog in the Mosaic Museum in Antioch said, "Doggy's head falled off." I asked him how it fell off, and he said, "God."
  • We passed a group of school children in the museum, who like usual, became infatuated with the boys. At one point, however, I could tell that they were saying something about me. I wasn't sure what it was, but I turned to them and said, "Anlayorum" which is the Turkish word that would indicate I can understand what they are saying. They were completely dumb-founded and shocked and clearly embarrassed. They obviously thought I was just a regular ol' tourist -- not someone who lives in the country. It was great fun!
  • Elijah has gotten into the habit of bringing me flowers (one that he picked for me is shown in the picture above). It's incredibly sweet and nearly makes me tear up every time he does it.
  • I asked Elijah not to kick me at one point during our adventure. I told him that God wants us to be nice. He nodded and said, "Sorry God."

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