Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ultrasound update

My ultrasound went very well today. At least from what I could tell. Which actually wasn't much.

So let me start again. The ultrasound actually just went today.

This is one of the higher-end ultrasounds. They do a lot of measurements and stuff without telling you anything while you are doing it. Apparently you have to wait for the doctor to give you any feedback whatsoever.

Add to that the fact that I had a guy technician who didn't seem to care at all that I couldn't see A SINGLE THING the whole time. He kept the screen pointing away from me, and when I tried to move to see it better, he quickly said, "Lie still." Well I know that! I was trying to give him a hint that I couldn't see!

At the very end he said, "Do you want to see any images of the baby?" Well, duh! YEAH! He then showed me a few quick things before ending the session. What fun is that? I had to drink all that water and had to pee like crazy for no major reason at all. Okay, so he got some necessary measurements but I wanted to get some necessary baby viewing in!

Some of the details that I did manage to secure? Ultrasound guy thinks my due date is a week earlier. Who knows. I'm done trying to figure that out. Ultrasound guy is also positive it is a boy. He got another great view. He also told me that baby is measuring in the 57th percentile which indicates it will probably be a "pretty average baby" at birth (in his words.) This is good news as I've worried that my 10 pound birth weight and my brother's 11 pound birth weight would deem bad things for this little guy. (Or is that bad for me? Probably.) So far, so good.

Keep on growing little man! Your big brother is anxious to meet you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that stinks that you had such a bummer of an ultrasound tech! There wasn't a separate screen just for you?? What is with that?? He certainly didn't sound like "Mr. Friendly" either, that's too bad!

TAV said...

that's a bummer you didn't get good views! i hope you at least got some pics to go home with...
ok, so this is totally nerdy but the "error" margin for 2nd trimester u/s is 10d-2 weeks, so even if the measurements "move your due date" up, your dr. shouldn't change your date! you hae a very early u/s!

Nikki said...

Congratulations! I have been avidly following your blog, after stumbling across it a few months ago. After a difficult, but short (thank goodness), fertility, poke, prod, hormones, camera's up areas they shouldn't be, journey, we were blessed with the ever illusive + sign. Our due dates are a few days apart, I think.

Anyway, thought I'd come out of lurking to congratulate you and wish you well.

PS: This u/s is terrifying with all the numbers and technical terms. But I second you.... U/S guy sounds like tons of fun! At least mine had a heart!