Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Isaac is currently very into . . .

  1. Looking at his toes
  2. Reaching for his toes
  3. Reaching for things -- especially the dog and his burp cloths
  4. Spitting up (still one of his best skills)
  5. Rolling halfway over (from back to side)
  6. Sucking on his hand and arms
  7. Playing/holding toys and pulling them to his mouth
  8. Sleeping through the night (11-12 hours without fail!)
  9. Napping (still takes a nap between every feeding bringing grand total of daily sleep to about 16 hours a day -- no complaints in that department!)

We are getting ready to try rice cereal as soon as we get back from Ft. Lauderdale. Daddy wanted to be there when we got that activity started. Speaking of Daddy, there are major advantages to no longer being an intern and getting more sleep on nights is one of them. Because there is someone below him (a new intern -- he is now the senior on call nights), it is the intern who takes all the calls first, meaning that JB is only alerted when the item has left their control or there are too many items to handle at once. I spoke with JB briefly this morning, and he had managed 5 hours of sleep! That means much more time during the day to hang out with -- well not us. :( His plants and fish I guess!

Also, many have asked about Ike's effect on us. It has been a very windy and sort of "spitting wet" morning, but otherwise, we are doing just fine. It swung well south of us and will majorly avoid JB as well. Awesome answer to prayers, but we need to keep those in Texas in prayer as Ike makes its way in that direction.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome on the sleeping at night, way to go Isaac!

Anonymous said...

i love hearing about all of isaac's accomplishments! way to go, buddy!! :-)