Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today, I, Wendi Kit., went to MOPS.

MOPS, stands for "Mothers of Preschoolers." Now, obviously, I don't have a preschooler, yet. But, in general, it's simply a place for mothers of young kids. It's a national organization and individual churches pick it up. It is designed to offer spiritual, personal, and community hope to moms. You eat, hear a speaker, do a craft, and get support for motherhood.

I start this post by writing that "Today, I, Wendi Kit., went to MOPS" because I find it quite humorous. Not only have I spent the last ten years not being a mom, I also spent the last ten years staying as far away from mom-activities as possible. Some of this, especially during our early years of marriage, was simply because they didn't interest me. And some of this was because, especially during the major part of our infertility journey, these types of places were painful places to be.

In addition, those of you who know me personally know that I have never been one of those people who does girly things. I always joke that the things in the church bulletin designed for the men are the activities I'd rather be participating in. Watching the game, playing basketball, doing "guy" things always looks more intriguing than women's things. Women's things always include: crafts, tea, or something of the like. This isn't me! Heck, on Thanksgiving in our house, my husband is cooking the turkey. I'm in the living room watching the game!

However, my friend Tiffany is one of the leaders of this group of MOPS which meets at the very large Methodist church she attends. A few months before Isaac arrived she encouraged me to join her at MOPS. Actually she said something like, "I'm signing you up!" :) And she did!

As the day got closer, I got more nervous about my decision to go. Would I really fit in with all these moms? Even now, with Isaac, I don't consider myself a die-hard mom. I'm a laid back, go-with-the-flow gal, who has a lot of other interests besides being a mom. Would I really have anything in common with these ladies?

If it wasn't for Tiffany, I probably would have backed out. Even though I am a social person, I get very nervous doing new things. But Tiffany had helped me sign up. There was a waiting list which means I had taken a spot someone else could have. I needed to go. I needed to follow through on my decision.

I say all that to admit to all of you that I enjoyed MOPS. Tiffany called me afterwards to make sure that I liked it. She said she felt like my big sister peeking at me all the time to see if I was doing okay. Yes, I was. While I still feel a bit like a fraud walking the halls of the children's rooms, I felt like I had things in common with these people and could really benefit from this group. In addition, I actually had to admit to Tiffany, who is in charge of crafts, that I actually enjoyed working on the craft -- a cute picture frame for Isaac's room. And, it didn't look half-bad when I was done either.

Wendi. Doing crafts! Wow!

I also found out that there were a few other moms there who had adopted from China! One of them, I had actually met online through an online listserv many months ago. She has two daughters from China and has been following my blog for awhile. The other gal also found me through the listserv and has followed my blog as well. She also told me that she actually met me at my vet when Scrubs was just a little puppy with his big heart nose! In addition, my neighbor and fellow medical-wife, Brittany, also attends. Her daughter Sophie is in Isaac's class.

Isaac's class. What a sweet place that was. There were quite a few "grandmas" who had obviously volunteered to come in and hold the babies. I think he was well loved. Although they did tell me that when he got tired, he just wanted his swing! That's my Isaac.

Okay, so there it is. My summary of my first MOPS. It was fun. The food was great! The craft was easy. The speaker was very good. I had a great time.

There, I admitted it. Am I girly-girl now or what?!


Anonymous said...

I loved MOPS! When Maddi & Evan were little, we went. It was a great get-a-way for me AND them.
Have fun being the "MOM". :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this blog Wendi!
I have just been thinking I wish there were a women's volleyball league or softball or bowling league from church --i just can't do the quilting and sewing groups --i've actually looked into serving on the funeral committee just to be active and doing something as I meet people, rather than looking around a table at strangers! :) Your blog made me laugh and feel normal....! :) I'm soooo glad you liked MOPS -i would have not survived my ABC's for the Christian mom when my kids were small --tho we didn't do a craft!
love You Tante Jan

Tara said...

wow! girly girl for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked your first MOPS experience! I've been going since Hannah was 6 months and it was a great way to have a break for a few hours and just enjoy the company of other women. As soon as we knew we'd be moving to Germany I found a new group that meets here on base. I love it and I'm glad you do too. Plus, if your group is anything like mine, when you have your little "lima bean" they'll bring you meals! How great is that?!

Jenny Wilson

Ebby Ray said...

I am working with Teen MOPS this year at CCC. Last night we had a meeting and it was so much fun.

Glad you went to MOPS. I couldn't ever bring myself to go, but now that I am older I really wish that I had. I am sure that you will form some of those life long friendships.

Anonymous said...

And what is Scrapbooking if not a craft? I believe you have been a "closet-crafter" all along-just a very selective one...which leads me to say you will probably do projects very uniquely yours (if you have any say in how they go)you know, noodle necklaces in team colors:) love ya, mom k

Anonymous said...

I think there are probably other women who feel the same way you do. We need to really work at looking out! We really need other women especially as we live farther and farther away from our families! You're gonna be so good at this!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, I'm SOOO with you on finding myself bemused doing "mom" things and "girly" things! :) But I do love and need them, too. Glad you enjoyed it, even the craft. :) Cara