Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brief moment of politics

Okay. Just for a moment. A discussion of politics.

Actually, no discussion. Just a link to a cool test that you can take to help you determine who you should vote for. I took it, and sure enough, I aligned with my candidate on all but two questions.

I'm interested to know if anyone takes this test and is told to vote for someone different than they originally planned on?

Okay, so maybe a bit of discussion. But just a bit. If you have been following my blog from the beginning, you know that politics is one thing I choose not to discuss on my pages. I live in a military family. I try to keep that on the down-low too. People just get soooo fired up about politics.

They get fired up about religion too, but unfortunately, my moral code doesn't allow me to be silenced on that one.

But I don't think there is anything in the Bible about sharing your political viewpoint as part of your faith. Therefore, I think God respects my decision not to argue p0litics. No one ever changes anyone's mind.

Truly, I hate politics. Despise them actually. I am barely watching any news right now because I just can't bear it any longer. Everyone thinks the other party is crazy. But the fact is, our country is split right down the middle. Half the country can't be crazy!

I also would love to see more details of this on my friend Tara (in Cali's blog). According to her blog, she and her significant other have opposite viewpoints! Now that's a true test of a relationship.

Okay, so take the test and let me know if your results were as clear as mine. It is actually a series of quotes and you have to pick which quote you agree with . . . the question is, who said it?!


Anonymous said...

So since I'm currently a political junkie, I decided to take the test. I chose my candidate's quote on all but two statements. Interesting test indeed, but I didn't doubt for one second that I'd align pretty well with my guy - I've been CNNing and BBCing and NPRing for the past few months around the clock!

Anonymous said...

me too, I aligned with all but 2 questions and would have been smack dab dumb founded if it would have come out any differently.

political junkie too!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I was with my candidate on all but 2 also. It would be interesting to see if it is the same 2 for all of us!


Anonymous said...

I got my guy on all but 1.

Jenny Wilson

Anonymous said...

This is too funny -- I also got my candidate except for two questions, which I'll admit were the immigration questions. Some of the questions were tough though, because the statements were a little vague. Great test though, I enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Weird - all but 2 for me too - but not immigration - economy.