Sunday, September 21, 2008

So good to be home!

We had a wonderful three weeks in South Florida staying with my parents. It went amazingly smooth and was a great blessing. Having my Dad and Mom there to help with the dog and Isaac and just keep me company was great!

But man, is it good to be home.

I didn't realize how much change of environment effected dogs until I saw Scrubs back at home here on base. He seems so at peace and just comfortable again. I don't know how to explain it, but his behavior has been super since returning. I would have thought dogs just adapted to anything. And he did adapt. But he is obviously more comfortable here that's for sure.

Isaac has been spending nearly every free minute with his Daddy. Today I took a two hour nap. When I got up JB informed me that Isaac now likes books and his exersaucer -- both new activities. So that's exciting! He still can't sit up that well in his exersaucer and books are still something he wishes he could put in his mouth, but he's getting the hang of both things. I love seeing Isaac getting to spend time with his Daddy. They are going to be the best of buddies.

John is happy to have his family back as well. We have made the decision that we need to "hunker" down for the next few months -- actually even more than a few. I'm sure some other little things will come up, but other than our trip out west next month, we don't plan on doing any major travelling for quite some time. I've also made the decision that during his next rounds of nights (in mid- March), I'm going to try to have someone be here with me instead of me going somewhere else. We just want to be at home for awhile and think we need to get into our own doggie, Isaac, new baby routine.

Gabbi left this morning bright and early. We had a wonderful Saturday with her. We ran some errands (Target, Destin Commons, and the Pet Store) and went out to that quaint little Italian place: Tradewinds for dinner -- Gabbi's request! JB also managed a run and a nap, and I squeezed in a long walk around my neighborhood! Man I missed this place. I did notice one of my acquaintances had moved out, and in total, two familiar houses were now vacant, a common site on a military base. But Scrubs got to see some of his favorite kids and adults, and we got to enjoy the cool weather that fall is bringing with it. Today we finally made it back to our church. I've missed that place too.

So life is returning to normal here in northern Florida. Tomorrow, Isaac and I both have doctors' appointments -- one thing I love about family medicine. I'll do my OB appointment, and he'll do his four month appointment all with the same doctor. How cool is that?! I will let Dr. G. see if she can spot the sex of the baby as well. We debated but think we do want to find out. We decided that after ten years of marriage, the delivery room will be a pretty exciting place without the extra bit of suspense and so we've decided to proceed with our finding-out-ahead-of-time plan. If Dr. G. can't spot it tomorrow, I have a more formal ultrasound the following week that should give us the answer for sure. So make your guess and hang on for the next bit of big news.


Unknown said...

It was so good to see you this morning! You look so adorable Wen. And please let me know if I can come serve you sometime. If my schedule allows, I would love to come and help you anyway I can. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Enjoy your week at home!

kjames106 said...

Glad you guys made it home ok and weren't effected by the hurricanes. It is always nice to come home after being gone for a long time!

I'm dying for an update. Hope everything went really well. I keep thinking about you today. I love when people remind me how good God truly is, even in the world that we live in.

Anonymous said...

waiting on the news... :-)