Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sharing some of you with some of you

I have a lot of friends and family who email me pictures. However, while I often print a few and put them in my scrapbook, I thought it would be fun to share pictures of my loyal blog readers with other loyal blog readers. So here's some pics of some people that check in on me from time to time.

What set of pictures would be complete without a picture of my niece Grace and her new little brother Nathan who, it appears, is all Italian! Grace is a light in my life. Yesterday I had a real rough day and came home to a letter addressed to her Uncle "Shay-bee" and Aunt Wendi with a picture she had drawn. She is truly precious.

Below is a picture of my friend Jodi's son, Keith. I worked with Jodi at St. Charles. Her husband, John, who is a surgeon, recently took a job in Alabama.

Another favorite for me is my newest goddaughter, Logan Rae Hunt daughter of Lee and Kristi Hunt. Logan recently vacationed in Destin. I loved this picture of her at the beach. It was last fall that Logan and Kristi visited Minnesota and John still talks about "one of the sweetest little girls he had ever met." Logan has such a sweet spirit. I wish everyone could meet her.

Jb's brother Matt has been in Missouri for nearly four months training for the Air Force ... oops, I mean Army! He graduates in May, and we are very proud of him and his new toned stomach. John's parents, brother Ray, Sister Elizabeth, and Matt's girlfriend Danielle are all going to make the trip for his graduation. We are hoping to go if our IVF schedule allows.

Kelly Gritter (Stegemoller) and I grew up together. Our parents were great friends when we were young children, and we went to school together from kindergarten through graduation day in 1995. I actually have a picture of my dad holding Kelly on the day I was born. Kelly now has three children: Hailey, Shelby, and now Dylan. Kelly has been a blessing to me on our infertility journey as she struggled with secondary infertility and was then not only blessed with Shelby, but unexpectedly, Dylan. Her husband Kevin is holding Shelby.

Deanna Wilson sent me this picture a few weeks back. Deanna is our friend Ronnie's brother, and are the parents of our three godkids: Jessie (left), Sam, and Grace. We met Mike and Deanna back in good ol' Kentucky. We are excited that Deanna and the kids are going to come up for English Ray's graduation in June.

So there are some of the faces that check in on my blog periodically. I'm not trying to leave anyone out but just thought it would be nice if you were all able to check-in on each other.

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Days until I start Lupron: 4

Days until I go off birth control pills:9

Days until I start stims: 15

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