Friday, April 14, 2006


So, real quick, before my lunch break is over ... I have to share my exciting news with you.

I start my lupron shots in just 3 days as you can see from my countdown. So I went to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine as well as some stronger headache medicine that they have prescribed for me. The doctor said my headaches will go away when I go off the birth control pills so I just need to counter-act it for 10 more days.

I handed the checout lady our new "Travel Credit Card". Now, most of you know that JB and I don't believe in credit cards. However, we decided to get one of these travel cards so that we could put all our IVF money on it and earn some points before we pay all this money. (John wants to do IVF in style!)

I braced myself for her to say I owed $2,000. Seriously, I like to guess high-end so it isn't so much of a shock. I therefore went in planning on $2,000 but hoping for maybe, $1,000. But instead, she took the card and said, "$15." My jaw must have dropped to the counter because she said, "Is that not what you expected?"

I laughed. No that wasn't what I was expecting. My gonal shots for artificial insemination ran me at leat $600 bucks (and that didn't even always make me through a whole cycle.) Paying for my gonal would cause the checkout ladies to just slide me my receipt and say, "I won't read it out loud." Another time one of the teenage girls behind the counter shouted, "Holy buckets! That's more than my paycheck!"

But $15?!? If this was a joke, it was cruel. But it wasn't a joke. She told me that my insurance covered it and then looked it up to tell me how much it would be if they didn't. Brace yourself! $1,142. That's how much I was expecting to pay. But the grand total on our travel card? $15.

Now I suppose there is a chance that they will bill us, however, in the past, I have always had to pay up-front, so at least for the moment, I am enjoying spending only $15.

I tried to call JB but I got not answer. It would be funny if he read my blog before I talked to him. However, I have already decided: we need to go out for dinner tonite! I have got some heavy-duty headache medicine that means I can't drive but I have no headaches, and we have $1,127 that we weren't expecting.

That's means for some celebration!

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