Friday, January 06, 2023

A few Funnies

Me: "Hannah, I need some fuel. I need to give me a hug?"

Hannah: "I think you should just go to the gas station. I'm not in the mood."


Me: "Hannah, how did you get so cute?"

JB: "She got it from her sister."

Hannah: "Nope, I got it from my Daddy."


Me: “Who gave you permission to watch a show?”
Girl child: “Well, you were napping.”
Other girl child: “So we got permission from our brothers.”
Me (to older brothers): “And how are you able to make that decision?”
One older brother: “Well, we have become semi-mature humans and felt capable of making the decision.”


Me: “Everyone pack a lunch for today.”
Four children: “There’s no food.”
Me: “Find food or pay $10 of your own money to buy food at grocery store.”
Four children: (miraculously find food)

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