Thursday, January 19, 2023

We Bought a Farm: Eggs at the Bauernhof

I really, really, want to try to be WRITING more for my Blog. It's so interesting to me that I actually had more time when the kids are younger. Secondarily, everyone is saying "Don't write about that Mom." So I feel very limited in my Blog Fodder. 

A very big topic of conversation around the country (and the world) is the rising egg prices. Suddenly, our $5 a dozen eggs aren't too expensive now are they? My friend Aliceson Bales wrote a Blogpost discussing WHY these stinkin' eggs have gone up so much. 

I have STRONG opinions about the food and eggs and dairy we eat. It's hard for me to understand that other people don't. But, I have to remember, that eight years ago, I was living in suburbia and certainly wasn't having trouble buying chicken from the grocery store. Something has flipped in me. I don't want to be a food snob. But I just can't help thinking about what I am getting when I eat "cheap chicken" or "cheap eggs."

We are now at $7 a dozen for our eggs. Rising food for the chickens are the biggest issue for us. We are also considering incubating more of our eggs as so many people are asking for chickens right now. I am simply in LOVE with our eggs. I was eating some boiled eggs at our homeschool co-op the other day and one of the mothers said, "Looking at you showing off luxury food." Who would have ever thought eggs would be a luxury?

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