Thursday, September 15, 2022

Wanting peace

I hate mental health. I hate dealing with adrenaline and anxiety and depression. I want to feel completely like myself. I feel like I’m 45 years old and still can’t get my act together sometimes. I have learned SO much about anxiety over the years. To be honest, John is thinking about writing a book about how this manifests in people. He likes to use the word "adrenaline" instead of anxiety. The adrenaline fires, your mind searches for a causes, and wha-la ... you have mental health issues. 

But there are so many happy moments … like this one.  Little Theo during homeschool day yesterday.

There is so much going on in our lives right now. Life is busy. Here's a typical week for us:

Co-op (8am-2pm)
Isaac Voice lesson (during co-op)
Ballet for the Abigail (evening)

Piano and karate for all four kids 
School work at home on their own 

Big school work day at home with Kotynskis
Youth in the evening (4:45-8:30)
Isaac on worship team for youth (keyboard)
Life group (2 Wednesdays a month) 

Piano at our house 
School on own at home 
Isaac guitar in Johnson City (2x a month) 
Girls ballet in evening 

Big school work day at home with Kotynskis
Ballet for Abigail in evening 
Karate for boys in evening

Ballet rehearsals 

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