Thursday, September 15, 2022

Baptism (and 9th birthday)


Our Hannah Joy Pomegranate turned 9 years old on September 4, 2022. On her birthday, John baptized her in Seymour Lake in Vermont. We thought this was just a perfect "thing." Lake Seymour is so special to us, and we really thought being there on Hannah's birthday was just perfect. 

Hannah continues to THRIVE in life. She is the best team player. She gets excited about nearly anything you can come up with. However, John did tease her when they were going out to Colorado together. He told her he had some "fun" activities for them to do in Colorado. What he really had was White Water Rafting and Horse Back Riding. What he told Hannah he had was a "Rock-Counting-Contest" and an opportunity to watch a Chess Tournament (where they couldn't really see what was happening, but it would be fun to be there nonetheless.) Hannah really tried to be a good sport about these things, but John said it was quite obvious, we had pushed her a bit past a reasonable "Team Player" allowance.

She is wicked smart. She is a good writer. She's creative. She likes sewing, and really enjoys cooking with JB and baking on her own. In fact, some days, at the house, she will simply say: "I really need to bake something." Genevieve is her best friend (although she gets along great with Eoin too.) She is a little bit messy, likes ballet, and is enjoying her co-op classes this year (Botany, Theater, STEAM, and Knitting Club.)

I adore this child. I am so glad God gave her to us. She is silly, spunky, spirited, sweet, independent, and not afraid of most things. 

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