Saturday, September 17, 2022

Dog sitting (briefly)

Today was a busy day. But it was a good day. I have been feeling so much better emotionally, am really focusing on my relationship with Christ and the beauty of the world, and remembering that life is messy. 

Today, the kids had ballet for most of the day. I took the eight kids (my four and their middle four) in the Kotynski’s big red van. The boys were meeting Walker’s family at ballet to go to his house to play Air Soft. I was doing the first 2/3 of the ballet day. The girls (and Isaac) are in Genesis in January and the Nutcracker in December so there were two different rehearsals. 

During a lull in the action, I ran down the road to meet an old high school classmate: Chris Cusmton who now lives a few hours away and wanted to get two of our turkeys. I have not seen Chris since the day we graduated high school. Chris is in love with the Lord, and he and his wife are raising their two adopted children and homeschooling them! In the midst of this conversation, Chris said to me: “What is normal in life?” 

This really resonated with me. Life is crazy. Period. Everyone has their own crazy. I have my own crazy. 

Today’s crazy included a run to Hobby Lobby with Gen and The Pomegranate for knitting needles and yarn. (They are taking a knitting club at co-op which Starts Monday.) We were also able to help my friend Kelley by letting her sweet Finley out for a walk!

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