Thursday, September 22, 2022



That is my current word. I suppose I should have a "word of the year." It's already nearly October. But either way, this is what I am working on doing from this month onward.





RELEASING ... the things that I don't NEED to be worried about. The things that do not truly, matter in the temporal world we live in now.

Only God, our Creator, can truly give our life purpose.

What do people do who do not have JESUS?

I am working on SELF-CARE. I am taking the time to: 

  • Do a 10 minute app each morning and evening reminding me to benevolently detach  from things outside my control and give them to Jesus.
  • Be outside in the morning and evening as often as I can and just BE. Sing a song. Sit on the swing. Lay in the grass. Swing in my hammock. Enjoy this beautiful world God gave me. 
  • Do a BSF Bible Study. I've never done BSF. I purposefully chose a group of 20 women who are not the same color or age as me. They are so diverse and from all over the USA. I hope to learn and grow with them via zoom every Thursday.
  • Rest. 
  • Eat well. (Trying!)
  • Skip things so that I can REST.
I am feeling SO much better than I had in the previous few weeks. I am working to grow in Christ and in my life and to be the woman JESUS wants me to be.

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Rachel said...

I hope BSF works out for you. I love that the book you dive into is actually the bible 0 so many studies have so much to read that isn't the Word. The notes add a lot, but you can absolutely skip over them if you need to. Zoom is very hard for me but I know it serves a purpose for many! I'm back to BSF after two years off because zoom wasn't for me. I hope it encourages you like it does me.