Tuesday, November 02, 2021

The next THANG

I truly, honestly think that our family would make a KICK BUTT reality TV show. 

You can't make up the kind of adventures we have.

A few nights ago we received a text from one of our dear friends: The Steele's. Their little granddaughter had gotten bit by a dog and needed stitches.

At the exact same moment as the text came in, Hannah said: "Daddy, why is there water coming out of the ceiling?"

(Being as our entire house was flooded by water from the second floor, this doesn't go well for John and I on any level.)

A triple-hitter: we had to get out to our chickens just then because the sun was going down and we are training new baby chicks to go into the house.

(Chickens aren't the smartest creatures created.)

Dinner was just finishing at this time as well.

Quadruplely crazy.

And then JB says: "Wendi, I need you to help hold her head."

And so there I went. 

I think that's a truth of me. I don't really want to participate in most things. 

Farming? Not really.

Ballet Mom? No thanks.

Nurse? Uh uh. 

Chauffer? Rather not. 

Vegetable picker? Bor-ing.

Sheep catcher? Not interested.

But there I am, doing all of them. Because, honestly, I'm very good at being told to do.

While I am a leader blessed with tremendous height and voice level, I really don't have any desire to be in charge. I'm totally a-ok with others taking the lead. Just tell me what to do, and I'll find a way to get it done.

So I end up as the assistant on way more things than I'd ever dream of doing.

My life is NOTHING like I imagined it right now. None of the things I and doing are really things I am especially gifted at.

But here I am.  

Doing the next thang ...

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