Wednesday, November 24, 2021

We Bought a Farm: THIS is Farmhouse Decor

I laugh when I see all these Pinterest-style posts regarding "Farm House Decor." It's always white with pretty signs and sparkling surfaces. There's nothing on the counters. Like, not even a toaster! Maybe there is a fake bowl of fruit. And a vase of flowers. 

But seriously: is that reality?

A real farmhouse has a big red bucket sitting on the counter. (See it on the left of the picture above? That has our day's eggs in it.)

(What you can't see is a second bucket sitting on the ground around the corner that has the chicken scraps in it.)

And if you are really lucky, you'll even have an aquarium tank with mushrooms growing inside of it!

Don't push your luck, but you might also be able to have a big glass water container draped in a red towel. (You can spot that to the right of the tank.) 

That's mead.

It's a drink. 

(I think.)

I've glanced back to see just a smattering of the types of thing constantly littering my kitchen counters. 

Not a day goes by that you can't find eggs around our kitchen. Breakfast is laid daily here folks!
Doesn't everyone have what appears to be a jar of nails but is actually a plant on their counter?
So many greens! What's a girl to do?!
Incubating baby animals? Or rescuing ones from outside and trying to help them recover? You betcha. 
Pickles/Grapes/Beats/Peppers. You name it, we are canning it. 
We always have some sort of vegetable experiment going on somewhere. 

That's a mushroom folks. Found in our woods.

Duck Weed

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it can be reality. It depends on the preferences of the people living there, the kinds of farm work they do, and the setup of their property.