Sunday, November 21, 2021

Housewarming for Uncle Ed and Aunt Jan

Tonight, my Uncle Ed and Aunt Janet (my mother's sister and her husband) had a little "blessing" and "housewarming" for their new house in Greeneville. We are so blessed with how many amazing family members have chosen to make their life near us here in East TN. Since we bought our farm, the following people have joined us:
  • John's parents (on our farm!)
  • My first cousin Eddie and his family (About 7 minutes away)
  • Eddie's parents (the people this party was for!)
  • My parents (2nd home in Greeneville)
  • Shane and Linda (military family with this as a home-base house)
  • Anni (and her little-soon-to-be-sweetie-pie-daughter)
  • John's sister, Katie (bought property that borders our farm; will move here early next year!)
  • Erin (Only temporary but wonderful!)
Tonight, after living in the area for a year, the house they were having built was completed, and Ed and Jan are officially here forever! They are still working as linguists through Wycliffe after having spent decades in Indonesia. 

Here are some pictures from the evening:


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