Monday, October 11, 2021

Heritage Home Scholar Adventures

I love our homeschool co-op and all the fun things the kids get to do there. Our homeschool "community" continues to be one of the best parts of our life here in East TN. While not done with the homeschool group itself, here we are with our friend, Kymberly, whom we met through the co-op many years ago. 

Last week we went to our friend Kymberly's house to go grape picking! Muscadine time. YUM!

And here are some pictures from some of the fun things Abigail has gotten to do in co-op over the last few weeks:

Today Abigail went to Town Hall with their Explore Greeneville class at co-op. 

Last week, Officer Davis brought his dog and let the kids meet him and see how he works!

Watching KID perform. 

Abigail takes a "Tween" club class every Monday. Here they are making "Cloud dough."

Here they are making "Soap putty."

Making pumpkins with styrofoam and yarn. 

The girls making colored tiles!

The finished project!

And here they are doing tie-dye!

My sweet girl

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