Thursday, October 21, 2021


This is Raven. She is the fourth dog I have ever owned. She's just over one year old and simply the sweetest little thing you've ever met. She's gone through one heat, and we are waiting for her to go through her second heat, at which time we will allow she and Ritter to mate and hopefully have new puppies.

Raven is most-loved by Abigail. When we got this pup, Abigail really wanted Arabelle to be "her" dog. I told her that dogs imprint on the person that spends the most time with them. This is usually the case. Arabelle definitely bonded with me, but Ritter has always been open to whoever is giving him the best belly rubs.

Raven doesn't seem to love Abigail the best, but she certainly likes her a lot. The kids playfully call her "busto" or "butt wiggle" because the little dog's body bends in half when she's excited. She LOVES to play with Bronco, Gabe's dog, and she will also wrestle with Ritter quite a bit. Arabelle consider her "her" puppy and definitely protects her. If Arabelle is out when Raven is wrestling with Bronco or Ritter, Arabelle inserts herself and tries to get them to stop.

When I married my husband in 1998, I had NEVER had a pet. 

Much has changed.

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