Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Our very first video on youtube

I have been looking back through old videos. THIS is the VERY first video I have of John and me. This was 2006. We had actually been married for eight years. We were three years in to our four year medical school adventure at The Mayo Clinic (2003-2007). We took a road trip to Mt. Rushmore and stopped at the beautiful Custer State Park in South Dakota. We happened upon some wild donkeys that had been living in the park. Here is a second video of us on that day at the park. 

We grew up and dated in a time when video was rare. This was a digital camera that we had. We still had no cell phones. (We wouldn't officially become real cell phone owners until 2014.) We were childless during this video. In fact we had been trying to have a child for well over three years at this point to no avail. There are so many things that seeing this video conjures up for me. So many memories. 

Lately, I've really wanted to collect more of my memories on this Blog. My kids are starting to want to go through and see old things. They want to read old "Friday Funnies." They are often asking me not to post about them which is why there isn't as much about my kids at present. I've told them some stuff will go up for posterity's sake, but I definitely have to respect them becoming their own people.

Click here to read the post about our trip to Mount Rushmore -- way back when I first started being a Blogger. 

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