Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tribe Life Tuesday: Let's Go on a Soul Treasure Hunt

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Happy Tribelife Tuesday!
I am sitting here at my desk, my diffuser going with an amazing essential oil blend and the house is quiet. This is the first time it’s been quiet all day. We have a number of guests with us right now, and every day is a bit hectic so the P & Q is so sweet right now. But with the stillness comes the clarity to think, to dive down deep and search my soul. I’m excited that you’re joining me today as we go on a soul treasure hunt.
For the past three weeks I have written about people who have inspired me. And I can’t help but ask, how does one become an influencer? There’s a seemingly endless number of questions running through my mind about inspiration, influence, and the type of influence I want. But I pause and quiet my racing mind, I tell myself let’s focus; I remind myself to keep the main thing the main thing.
First things first: What is influence? According to the dictionary it is the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others.
Take it in.
Two things that strike me: capacity and force. I feel like the word "capacity" is thrown around quite a bit these days, causing me to recently take the time to evaluate my own space. How much capacity do you have and what for? How much space is there for you? For your family? Your job? Your beliefs? I have a tendency to crowd my capacity with comfortable” things or habits, leaving less room for the things I truly value. These are things I am seeing within myself during my soul treasure hunt.
Now, on to force! Influencers are a force, a compelling force. They attract. Ask yourself, what do I attract?
Did you answer?
I picture influencers as the ones who walk in the room and you know they’re there. They have boisterous personalities and everyone loves them. When they enter the room it’s like gravity’s pull just shifted, drawing everyone in their direction. Do you personally know anyone like that? Me too. But the truth is being an influencer is much deeper than that and far more profound.
Let’s talk about the traits” of an influencer. I didn’t google this one; this is all ME! I think the influencers worth following are disciplined, constant learners, not motivated by fear, purpose-driven, and risk takers, to name a few. An influencer is someone who is working toward their truest self. They’re someone who grapples with themselves honestly, they ask the hard questions, and accept the genuine truths. They embrace their wins and trample over their failure. As I write this, I can’t help but think of two people who have enormous influence and are, in my opinion, on both sides of the influence spectrum: Mother Teresa and Kanye West. Strange, I know, but if I am being completely impartial, they both have/had gigantic platforms. Their use of their unique platform was vastly different, but that doesn’t diminish their place as an influencer. And that is beauty of it all: you get choose how you will use the platform of your life.
So I ask you, who is it that inspires you? What is it about that person that draws you in?
You don’t need to be famous or on a stage to inspire; to be an influencer you don’t need a cause to champion, all you need is to come with your truest self. (It helps to have a tribe too, for moral support.) So what are you doing with your influence? Whether you want it or not, you have a level of influence -- it’s how you use it that shows the truth of who you are to those around you. The extent of your influence may be your family, your job, your blog, or your social media accounts, but you get the point. YOU HAVE INFLUENCE! You also have the power to inspire others, so my advice is: use it wisely and be strategic. I encourage you to go on your own soul treasure hunt, dig down into who you are, and examine yourself. Get rid of those unattractive things and let the substantive, amazing, true you pull others in. Because, trust me, people are waiting for you, the real you, to show up!
See you next Tuesday!
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