Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Halloween in Photos

JB was supposed to be out of town for Halloween. But recognizing that he had been working a lot and we were really missing him, he cancelled his Permaculture trip and stayed home with us!

What a fun day we had. We started by going to an indoor water park about 45 minutes from our house. Then we went to Chik-fil-A for lunch, and a Science Center we are members of. Then we came back home and got ready for trick-or-treating.

Here is our night in pictures:

This is me calling her name repeatedly. She REFUSED to turn around. She was so mad at me.

Here I am sneaking around to the other side to get her picture.

She does NOT like Cinderella!

She wanted no part of the costume or the pictures.

Abigail came over to try and cheer her up.

Here is Hannah pushing her big sister away.

Next we got the big kids dressed. It was absolutely frigid (in the high low 40's but 30's with wind) so we tried to dress in layers. We did our costumes out of whatever we already had at home. Isaac chose "Optimus Prime with Light Sabre". Abigail chose "Barbie dress with fairy wings and black tights" and Sidge chose "Iron Man with cape so my name is Missile." And, since we had to take the Cinderella dress off of very angry Hannah, we decided to just put the dress in the picture and skip trying to get Hannah in the photo.

My attempt at a successful picture. I was seriously BEGGING for just one good one.



I love this picture!

It was then time to dress Scrubby up. We decided to make him "Optimus Butterfly" this year. (Don't worry. We only put this on for a foto and immediately let him out of this!)

"This is so embarrassing." 

Optimus eating his snack.

After tossing off the mask.

"Pink wings on a boy dog? Seriously!"

Before we got dressed, we decided to carve pumpkins. Each kid got to pick what they wanted their's to be. Isaac's was a silly face with the top as the nose. Abigail's was a princess (look closely to see the tiara), and Sidge's is Spider Pumpkin -- which is much easier to see when it is dark out! JB is quite the great carver!

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