Friday, October 17, 2014

First lost ... then sick

First Scrubs got lost. (And subsequently found.)

Then he goes and get sick.

And not just a little sick but a lot sick.

Scrubs was just not acting himself for a number of days. And it kept getting worse. First he wasn't eating much. Then he threw up. Then he was getting us up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Then he was lying around a lot more than usual. Then he stopped greeting us when we came home. And the final sign? He wouldn't even take a bacon snack from me!

Each day I thought, "Tomorrow he'll feel better." And each day it got worse. So much so that I found a vet in town and brought him in yesterday.

Apparently he was pretty sick. He had a fever and they traced it to an unknown infection that was affecting his liver. We left him at the Clinic all day to get fluids, bought a very expensive special dog food, and have started him on two different medications to help combat the illness.

(I love the quote from the book Marley and Me when the author writes, "We could have bought a small yacht with what we spent on our dog and all the things he destroyed. Then again, how many yachts wait by the door all day for your return?")

I repeated that quote to myself many times as I let the vet swipe my credit card for that visit ...

In the meantime, I had scheduled overdue well visits for Abigail and Isaac at our new pediatrician and flu shots for everyone but Isaac (who is allergic to eggs and can't have a shot.)

So I brought Scrubs into the vet at 10am, had the kids appointments at 2:30pm, and had to get back by 4:30pm to pick up Scrubs before the vet closed for the day.

Five appointments in one day.

World record for this mom.

Thank goodness I had my father and mother-in-law to help me while JB was doing his third 12-hour shift in a row.

Scrubs is home now, and doing much better. He's still a bit on the lethargic side. But he is eating and accepting snacks again.

The kids did equally well. We need to get Abigail's speech assessed as she seems a bit behind for three-years-old, but otherwise, everyone is very healthy! Abigail had a full length conversation with the pediatrician, and while I needed to do some translation, I was so proud of my little shy girl for telling the doctor all about the fact that she likes sushi and tomatoes and wants to be princess Aurora when she grows up!

I'll keep ya'll posted on our little pup and how he is feeling. Hopefully he'll be back to our annoying dog in no time and quit this lying around business!


TAV said...

It's scary to have a sick doggie! Pepper has been puking a few times each morning (?morning sickness?) for about 5 days, with the exception of one vomit-free 24 hours. Normal pooping, appetite, and energy level otherwise. The "mom" in me says we should consider bringing her to the vet, but the "doctor" in me says it can't be serious if she's eating well and acting normally. When to go to the vet?? Glad Scrubby is better!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Tara, I never take the pup in just for vomitting if acting right and eating okay. However, I would consider experimenting with a food change!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy. Just wanted to let you know there is an egg free flu vaccine available now. I think it is a new thing. You and JB could research it for Isaac.