Saturday, July 05, 2014

Ten Month Old Hannah

  • is starting to walk! Taking as many as seven steps at a time but is definitely still predominantly a crawler. (Sidge was walking by this point exclusively. Isaac was just starting and Abigail was about 2 months away.)
  • will bend down to pick something up and stand up again.
  • can stand unassisted for minutes at a time.
  • has six teeth.
  • has her "pincher" grasp perfected.
  • is no longer eating baby food, but she has gotten into those squeezable baby foods when we are "on the go."
  • is not so good at getting changed -- diaper changes could go better. She is a roller.
  • Isn't saying any words yet but babbling quite a bit.
  • is signing all done and milk. Working on night-night and about to start please and more.
  • doesn't have any stranger anxiety yet!
  • doesn't want to be read to. Just wants to grab and destroy any book left in her grasp.
  • puts everything in her mouth.
  • is all over the place in the bathtub -- laying, crawling, standing, etc.
  • Loves to play with the blinds and pull them off one by one.
  • Is drinking about 4, eight ounce bottles a day.
  • adores her big sister. 
  • will begin "dancing" if you sing to her or if she sees music.
  • loves walks in the stroller.
  • has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen (tied with Sidge!)
  • is incredibly ticklish everywhere.
  • loves to play in the kids' dishes cabinet.
  • is a very fast crawler!
  • uses a pacifier at bedtimes and sometimes in the car.
  • starts bouncing her feet around if you sing to her.
  • is taking two naps (early morning from about 8-10 and late afternoon from about 1:30-3:30p). Goes to bed at night around 7pm and is out until around 6:00am. (If we are lucky!)
  • doesn't usually cry when she goes down for a nap; sometimes wakes up happy and sometimes wakes up crying.
Here is a look back at her siblings when they were ten months old:

Sidge at ten months old (already walking!)
Isaac at ten months old (not walking yet)
Abigail at ten months old (not walking at all yet)

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