Saturday, January 04, 2014

She's Four Months Old

Well, the pictures of her by herself turned out pretty good I think. She is so serious when I try to take pictures of her, but she really does have a fantastic laugh and smile too. I promise!

However, the pictures of the group, absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, I was so frustrated I felt like crying. I bribed marshmallows. Everyone wanted the marshmallows so they really tried. It's just that their trying doesn't ever happen on the same shot. 

This is the closest we got to successful.

Hannah is totally enthralled with her sock. And now, the sun has started coming up behind Abigail's head.

So I move them to the other side of the room. But now, Hannah is getting crabby, and Abigail just can't keep looking at me.

Either can Sidge.

This one is almost comical.

It was after this picture that I just quit alotgether. Oh well. I tried.

Weight 7.57 kg (96%)
Length 69.85 cm (99%)
Head 43 cm (92%)

I'll return to this page and update with her percentiles when she has her appointment. But here are some highlights of her life. Currently Hannah:
  • is sleeping through the night like a champ! Most every night she is in bed before 8pm. She is getting up a bit on the early side -- 5 or 5am. I'd really like 6 or 6:30am but I am not complaining.
  • is eating about 30 ounces a day (5 feeds a day averaging about 6 ounces at a feed.)
  • is really, really LOUD when she talks.
  • doesn't cry much at all. Usually very happy.
  • is grabbing stuff on purpose -- not just on accident. Here is a video showing her doing just that (courtesy of Scrubs.)
  • is smiling a ton and giggling quite frequently.
  • follows us across the room. Grampa seems to be especially popular!
  • requires conditioner when I shampoo her! No joke!
  • can sit upright with less pillow proppage than a month ago.
  • likes her bouncer. 
  • doesn't like the swing.
  • hates tummy time.
  • is contemplating a back to belly roll. I think she's about two weeks away.
  • still likes everyone! No preferences right now.
  • enjoys when her siblings talk to her, hug her, and play with her.
  • seems to be very cool, calm, and collected. 


Joia said...

Is John okay with big flowers on baby girls now??

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Joia, he has given in for the sake of the fact that without a bow, her hair is INSANE! He said that if they are "required" he is much more okay with it!